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Adventure at Ocean!

Ocean is a 100% student nightclub. They have Trent Army Wednesdays for NTU students and Uni of Notts Fridays for UoN students. I went to the Trent Army Wednesday event with five friends to experience Ocean for the first time. All of us have been told that it is the best student nightclub in Nottingham, and I knew that I wanted to check it out for myself.

It was a pretty big venue with an upstairs and downstairs and a cloakroom for people to put their jackets away while at the club. Ocean is also most known for fancy dress, so we saw many people dressed in costumes when we went. They either had a bizarre outfit or one with barely any clothing on; there did not seem to be an in-between.

The importance of this adventure was to experience the British nightlife and the uni social life. I also feel like experiencing Ocean was a great way to step into the British dance culture as well as hang out with friends and dance the night away!

It was a great adventure to explore the British nightlife with a group of friends that I trust!

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