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My advice to other Northern Arizona university students that want to study abroad in the UK is to really work with all of your CIE and Major advisors to make sure that you have all the desired requirements. It is also essential to research the British culture before traveling to understand what to expect.

I would highly suggest finding NAU classes involving researching a culture, like the CST 323: Intercultural Communication class. The class consisted of a cultural blog post assignment to select a culture you want to explore. Most of my research for studying abroad came from that module.

Another thing to keep in mind with traveling to the UK is that it is freezing, rainy, and sometimes it snows depending on where you are in the UK because snow is not that common in most places in the UK. Make sure you bring warm clothes and a jacket or travel with the mindset that you will need to purchase a coat when you arrive. Also, remember to pack light and do not pack any unnecessary items, but I suggest getting some vacuum bags for your clothes because it helps maximize your space in your suitcase.

For anyone who wants to study abroad in the UK, good luck! It is definitely worth it!

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