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Alcohol Galore!

Most American universities are considered dry campuses, meaning no alcohol is allowed on campus. Therefore, I was not expecting to see the NTU student union on campus shop sell a variety of alcohol for students. I knew that the drinking age was 18 in the United Kingdom, but it was still a shock to witness.

I quickly learned that drinking is embedded in UK university life, especially during what they call fresher’s week. Fresher’s week is the week before lectures start that is full of events and activities that are structured to help new students meet new friends. Each block in the residence halls had three representatives who would come to the block’s pres and then take the students out to the events, mostly at nightclubs. The reps explained that the purpose of fresher’s week is to get used to uni life which for the British uni life revolves around drinking excessively getting “pissed.”

Not only do they have fresher’s week, but they have an establishment on campus called The Point. It is a pub and a diner that transforms into a nightclub space at night. This means that NTU Clifton Campus also has a bar in The Point. The Point also hosts Quid-ins, which is the club night on campus.

It was fascinating to discover the drinking style of British university life!

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