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American Cheer VS British Cheer

Since I was three years old, I have been cheering in the US and have always wondered what the cheer community is like internationally. So, when I chose to study abroad in the UK, I decided to find a cheer program that I could participate in while studying abroad in the UK. I mainly wanted to be on a Worlds team to go to Worlds, held in Florida, to experience being on an international team.

The gym I chose is East Midlands Cheer Academy, and I made the Non-Tumbling All-Girl Worlds team. We started training, and I quickly learned that the UK's cheer community and competitions are different. Including that British cheer seems to be more laid back than American cheer, which is more competitive. My teammates also told me that they only have one-day competitions in the UK while the US has two-day competitions, and it is rare to have a one-day competition. Which makes sense since the UK cheer community is not as big as in America.

I also decided to participate in cheer while studying abroad because it is a familiar atmosphere and would make me feel more at home while away from home. I have always felt at peace in a gym significantly since I grew up in my mom’s gymnastic gym she used to own. Therefore, I do not regret joining a cheer team abroad because it made my relocation easier.

I would suggest that anyone who wants to study abroad join a club or continue a hobby that they enjoy to be a part of a familiar atmosphere, so you feel more at home and at peace!

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