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Arriving In Nottingham!

Journeys can be unpredictable and surprising, especially when that journey involves overseas travel, especially when it comes to Border Control. By the time I left for Nottingham, I was double vaccinated, and the COVID regulations changed in my favor. I no longer had to quarantine for 10 days upon my arrival, and I only had to purchase a Day 2 COVID test to be shipped to my residence.

My first impression of the United Kingdom was flying down into the United Kingdom and seeing all the greenery as we descended. I have never seen that much green in my life, and I was very fascinated while observing my descent into my new journey!

I thought border Control at the Heathrow Airport would be chaotic, but it actually went smoothly. I was very nervous about going through Border Control because I was told that if I did not have all the appropriate documentation, they could deny me access into the country, so I triple-checked my documents before going to the Phoenix airport.

Traveling to my final designation would be no easy task since there is no international airport in Nottingham, so I flew into London and took the National Express Coach. I had to navigate where the station was, and at one point, I had to change Coaches halfway through my trip. It was an exciting experience and showcased the transportation system. It was almost like being out of quarantine finally! Being able to travel again and use public transportation but still with a mask.

Getting to my final designation on NTU Clifton Campus was a relief and exciting to see what my home will look like for the year!

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