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British Architecture

Architecture is a type of artwork that uses the land as its canvas. British architecture has had many different styles throughout history, but British architecture seems to give off an old vintage and Victorian vibe based on my observations. It also portrays a medieval feel, especially with the castles and palaces that always seem to pop up around the United Kingdom. The British are also known for reviving old buildings and working again.

British architecture has always interested me because of the intricate designs shown in the Harry Potter films. I have wanted to visit the United Kingdom and London in particular because I have wanted to explore some of the interiors of the castles and palaces that are open to the public. This includes the locations where Harry Potter was filmed, which, as it turns out, Hogwarts was a mixture of different buildings.

I like the look of the old and vintage architecture because it adds a different perspective to a culture. However, I do think that because of the medieval-looking castles and palaces, most Americans believe that the British people are very “posh” and proper. Primarily because most British films are shot and shown in London, some locals give off that stereotypical “posh” vibe to British architecture and British people.

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