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British Film

Art is a way for humans to be creative and imaginative and is usually in visual forms like a painting or a drawing. The film is a moving art form that incorporates artistic expression that allows human expression to be presented and shared with the world.

The British film industry is a growing industry and has developed over many years throughout history. What I found interesting is that a charity called the British Film Institute came up with a ‘Cultural Test’ to help determine if a film can be classified as British. It considers the actors (if the majority are British or not), locations that filming took place, the cast, and the crew. If the film scores 16 out of 31 points, it is considered a British film.

At NTU, I selected to take a British Cinema module where we discussed British films starting from the 60s and ending in the 80s. I wish that we watched more present-day films as well to compare early British films and British films now to see the growth.

One of my favorite British films I watched while in the UK is the James Bond Casino Royale film. I remember getting much backlash from my friends for never having seen James Bond before, and they insisted that I watch it, especially Casino Royale. Another one of my absolute favorite British television shows, Alex Rider. It is based on my favorite book series about a British teenage spy. It is a recent TV show where the first season in 2020 and the second season in 2021.

I love to analyze films and enjoyed seeing and analyzing British films and comparing them to American films from Hollywood!

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