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British Food, Snacks, and Chocolate

Many traditional British cuisines tend to be multicultural and influenced by the Romans and the French. The UK also has smaller portions than America at restaurants which were jarring at first because usually when I go to a restaurant, I am left with leftovers, but here I seem to be able to finish a meal. I enjoy the smaller portions because I don’t feel inclined to overeat to finish my food at a restaurant.

One of the UK dishes is known for is fish and chips. It is fried fish in crispy batter and served with peas and chips, which Americans call fries. I have noticed that the United Kingdom does have different names for some of their snacks; fries being called chips is just one example. Another one is how they call what Americans consider chips crisps. They also have pringles just like we do, but they have more flavor, including one of my favorites; prawn cocktail.

The UK also has very different chocolate, they are not as sweet as American chocolate, but they have more flavor. My favorite brand of chocolate here is Cadbury, and they have many different types of chocolate and flavors, including one of my new favorite flavors, orange chocolate. I enjoy British chocolate much better than American chocolate, mainly because of the variety and not being too sweet. Usually, I can’t eat that much chocolate or sweets back home because it is too sweet and not favorable.

Overall, I have enjoyed trying all the different British food, snacks, and chocolate that the UK offers, and I very much like the food here!

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