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Career Changes!

Since I was young and found my love for creative writing, I wanted to make a career out of writing; therefore, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. However, I always knew that my passion was for writing fictional stories. I also have enjoyed photojournalism, so I chose to do more media-based modules at NTU, including an Intermediate Media Practice and Production module.

In this module, everyone had to create a group short film, and during this process, I quickly learned that I love scriptwriting and directing. This made me think that maybe I should look into a Creative Writing Master’s Program, which involves scriptwriting and young adult novel writing, since I am working on a fantasy trilogy.

I found such a program an NTU and will be applying to start in the fall 2022 term since I graduated with my bachelor's in spring 2022.

Based on my experience at NTU, my career goals have shifted slightly but will still involve writing. Now, I am leaning more towards being a scriptwriter and maybe going into publishing and doing my own projects on the side, like my trilogy. However, I did enjoy directing and editing films, so I may want to do more directing and editing for short films or longer projects.

Studying abroad has given me a lot to think about, especially in my career, but I feel more excited about the future after university with my new career goal!

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