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Kitty Cafe!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

After a few months of being in Nottingham, I wanted to do something different, and my boyfriend suggested that we go to the Kitty Café. The Kitty Café is designed for cats with wide-open spaces and lots of kitty toys around. It is a place that rescues cats and brings them to full health and happiness, and then finds homes for them.

Due to this, they charge a wellness fee for every customer that enters, and the price will cover an hour where you can order food and meet the cats that roam around. They have various food choices, but we just ordered the ultimate hot chocolate when we went, and it was the biggest and best hot chocolate I ever had!

They had these comfy sofas and chairs that we sat on with the table in front of us and food coverings so the cats can’t "nick" your food since they sometimes go on the tables. We also got to pet the cats and just watch them roam around! I love cats, but I am more of a dog person. However, I loved to pet the cats since I can’t pet or cuddle my dog at home.

It was refreshing and took some of my stress from uni away! I highly suggest the Kitty Café to everyone who visits the UK and cat lovers!

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