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Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle is a historic landmark in Nottingham that lies on top of a rocky headland overlooks the former Scandinavian burh. It was primarily demolished after the British Civil War in 1651, so it could no longer be used as a military force against the British people. However, Nottingham Castle was restored in 1875 and reopened with a Creative Gallery, a Rebellion Gallery, and a Robin Hood experience for people to explore.

I was able to visit Nottingham Castle and see what it had to offer! Being an artist myself, I enjoyed the Creative Gallery especially. It was interesting to see the Early Crafts in Nottingham. The gallery also had a virtual experience where visitors could make a virtual pot or an alabaster sculpture to understand the artists’ process to create such work masterpieces. I also visited the Rebellion Gallery and learned a little more about the history of both Nottingham and Nottingham Castle. It was a very visual gallery with many tabletop games that revolved around the war the visitor was exploring.

After getting the general admission ticket for entry to the Castle, they had a Robin Hood experience add-on that people could purchase with an admission ticket. The Robin Hood Legend was born in Nottingham, and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the Robin Hood Folktale. When you enter the Robin Hood section, they have many different projections screens and benches where the visitors will sit and enjoy hearing the true story of Robin Hood. After listening to the folktale, people could play the two reality games they had, which I think was very fun, especially with friends to see who could get a higher score.

The first was a digital sparing game with Little John and his quarterstaff. The second one was a digital archery competition where you had three different levels and hit the targets. I enjoyed the digital archery competition very much because I have done archery before, and I miss doing archery and would like to start again!

Nottingham Castle has many different layers, and it was enjoyable to explore each layer. I would definitely recommend visiting Nottingham Castle to visitors to Nottingham!

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