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NTU Accommodation

Nottingham Trent University has five different campuses: City, Clifton, Brackenhurst, Creative Quarter, and NTU in Mansfield. I am in the School of Arts and Humanities, which resides in both City Campus and Clifton Campus; however, at the start, I was told it was only on Clifton Campus, so I picked my student accommodation to be on Clifton Campus. On Clifton Campus, there are two student halls, Peverall and New Hall. New Hall is right inside the main entrance gate. It is kind of located at the “heart” of Clifton Campus, really close to the on-campus shop, the gym, lectures, and The Point – a pub, diner, and club rolled in one. Peverall is the more extensive accommodation, but it is stashed away in the corner of campus.

I decided to stay at New Hall for the year mainly because it was stated as being in the “heart” of campus. I thought that if I selected the residence hall closer to everything, I could meet more people around campus. New Hall also offered studios or blocks with a shared kitchen. I decided to go with the shared kitchens because it would be perfect for socializing with my flatmates. One of the differences between university student halls in America and university student halls in the UK is that everyone has their own ensuite room. There are no roommates, and you only share your kitchen with your flatmates, which usually ranges from 8 to 10 people.

I prefer the student accommodation at NTU to NAU because I always felt cramped sharing a small room with two or three other people. Accommodation at NTU also gives more privacy because you do not share a room. It was also funny because when I described the student halls back home to my friends and flatmates, they found it strange that you had a roommate and shared a kitchen with almost twenty people at a time, maybe more.

I do not regret my choice to stay on Clifton Campus. After all, it gives me a familiar feel because it is very much like NAU’s campus with being a close circuit campus. It made me feel more at home in a place away from home.

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