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Rainy, Wet, and Puddles

The United Kingdom has a temperate climate, which means that it is cool and wet winters and warm and wet summers. Meaning that it is windy and rainy practically all year round where the temperature dramatically drops across the country, but it is felt worst up North.

An extreme example of this weather is the storm that has been battering the whole of the United Kingdom recently (Storm Barra). 80mph winds, torrential floods, and snow have been disrupting travel and events such as the Beeston Street Market, which happens in the city centre of Nottingham.

Due to potential health and safety risks and people up and down, the country also losing power. Many events have been starting to be cancelled in the lead-up to this Christmas.

It is very wet and rainy in the UK, which is a new experience when coming from Arizona. I did find it interesting that the UK summer is like an Arizona winter, but the similarity of weather stops there. In Nottingham, most people have to wear three layers just to stay warm, including a coat that I had to purchase in the UK since they do not sell them in Arizona.

Rainy, wet, and puddles are very accurate descriptions when it comes to describing the weather in the UK.

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