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Traveling Locally

The public transportation networks are very well developed and cost-effective throughout the United Kingdom. Coupled with the bus is their app called NCTX, where everyone can purchase their tickets for the bus. They also have a Robin Hood card that tourists can buy to load money and use every time they ride. In my opinion, the transportation network in the United Kingdom is way more effective and convenient than in America.

They have many different ways that people can purchase a bus pass. Including a single rider ticket, a twenty-four pass, season tickets, group tickets, park and ride tickets, network tickets, South Nott’s adult outer area tickets, South Notts under19 outer area tickets, pathfinder adult outer area tickets, pathfinder under19 outer area, and sky-blue outer area tickets.

I use the bus quite frequently in Nottingham because I have some lectures on the City campus, so I need to go there three times a week which led me to purchase the academic year bus pass because it was cheaper than paying for the bus every time I needed to get to the city.

Therefore, I quickly found the public transport made traveling easy and manageable. I was worried at first about how I would travel locally in Nottingham since I was used to having a car, and I was worried for nothing and figured out the bus system was pretty easy to navigate!

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