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UK Higher Education System

The higher education system in the United Kingdom is very different from higher education in America and is not what I expected. Students will usually only take roughly three modules per term, but each module is split into lectures and seminars. Usually, the lectures will have everyone in one lecture hall, while the seminars would split the class into smaller groups for discussion-based learning.

At the same time, students do not get to pick their schedules, unlike University back home, where the students choose their classes and schedules. UK students select what course they want to study, and then the University will place them into the appropriate modules for their course. In my opinion, having the University set your timetable with the appropriate modules for your course of study is more effective than having each student pick their schedule and modules. Mainly because, in my experience, I have had trouble with getting into some required classes at NAU. It was a hassle to figure out the problem, which also made it stressful because it was also like you were racing to get into your classes since they fill up quickly on the day that enrollment opens.

I also think that their attendance system is much better. They have a QR code that students scan using the MyNTU app to record their attendance. The MyNTU app also has your timetable because it can fluctuate depending on your course, but my timetable relativity stays the same.

Even though the academics were not what I expected, I think they have a strong foundation for higher education that makes it easier for students to get a degree!

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